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Sue & Tim Metcalf

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December, 2019

Last December we were looking forward to a Christmas visit here at home with Chris, Sarah, and Slone. Sarah's parents, Richie and Marsha Wait, joined us. It was a lot of fun!

In January, after a trip to Florida to help with some electronics work on our friends' new-to-them Selene 53 trawler, Tim developed a Strep infection in his right (prosthetic) knee capsule. This resulted in surgery to drain and clean out the joint, and six months of first intravenous, and then oral, antibiotics. After completing physical therapy, the knee is as good as new. Unfortunately, the injury kept us from going to Florida for the Miami Boat Show.

Once spring arrived, our lives got busy. The ClintRMint Company had a booth at the Michigan Horse Expo for the fourth year. Tim made a trip to Seattle in April for Slone's second birthday and to attend some GORUCK training with Chris. We spent Palm Sunday weekend with Tim's family in Ohio and spent time with friends there. Tim made two trips on the Selene 53 “Freedom,” first from West Palm Beach, Florida, to Norfolk, Virginia, and then from New York City to Schenectady, New York, on the Erie Canal.

This was our 29 th season with “Insatiable,” our 1984 C&C 41 sailboat. For Independence Day, we took her to Port Sanilac, a small harbor about 25 miles north of Port Huron, on Lake Huron. They have a great local parade and a phenomenal fireworks display. We and a group of our friends make the trip every year, and this year was one of the best! In July, we celebrated our 43 rd wedding anniversary.

Chris, Sarah, and Slone came east in late July and August. Sarah and Slone came first and spent time with her parents at their cabin on Lake Ontario. Chris followed later, and we all met in New York, then made a visit with Tim's family at his Mom's house in Ohio. By the time we arrived at home Slone declared that he was “all done car.” We took him to “Peppa Pig's World of Play” at a local mall, and all was forgiven.

We spent Labor Day weekend on “Freedom” in Lexington with our friends. Later in the month we spent time with Bob and Marian Hansen, friends from our days in upstate New York.

In October, Tim had his second knee surgery of the year. This time he had his left knee replaced. This surgery was robot assisted. He went home the same day as the surgery. His recovery has been remarkable.

Both of our businesses continue to do well. Sue's embroidery business keeps her more than busy. The patch business we discussed last year is almost ready to go. The ClintRMint Company continues to grow. Once again this year the company was a sponsor of the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival in Traverse City. Sue recently remarked that “ClintRMints are everywhere.” Tim's marine electronics business is doing well, although a little slower this year as he recovered from his first surgery.

Tim spent much of October, and the first part of November helping with the Salty Dawg Sailing Association's Fall Rally to the Caribbean. We celebrated Thanksgiving at home with Tim's Mom, her companion John, and Tim's sister and brother-in-law.

As we write this, we're looking forward to spending Christmas in Seattle with Chris, Sarah, Slone, and Sarah's parents. We wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and hope that you will join us if you are in our area.


Sue and Tim


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